Jackson Pollock

This abstract painting by Jackson Pollock seems to be complete chaos at first. However, I was able to find a few interesting elements like some splotches in the upper right corner which appear to  be hand prints. The rest was composed of lines and swirls of paint of varying thicknesses, but relatively few splotches. Since most of the color consists of black, white, and grey, the small bits of red and yellow really drew my attention. Also, unlike most painted works of art, Pollock leaves noticeable blank spaces at the edges of this work instead of filling all spaces with some sort of color. I believe artists refer to this as “negative space”. I was not particularly impressed by this painting, so I have a hard time understanding why it is so famous since it does not look like i took a talented painter to create it. However, experiencing it full sized would be completely different since I would be able to see even the finest details which undoubtedly contribute to overall effect of this painting.

Sullivan’s reaction to Pollock’s artwork described a clear admiration but vague understanding of his work. She asserts that he is exploring some deeper idea but admits that it is difficult to realize “his question, let alone his answer”. She concludes that his artwork is a simple way to represent complex ideas when she compares his maze of paint to monopoly without a banker. She makes her point through a series of comparisons between the painting and dreams, a maze, etc. I found this ironic since the painting was “pure” and didn’t have any similes, but her poem was full of metaphors.


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