How to Cut Metal with an Oxy-Fuel Torch

First, make sure that you have all the necessary materials and safety equipment (listed below).

  • Oxygen and Acetylene or Propane bottles
  • Pressure Regulators (2)
  • Cutting Torch and hoses
  • Cutting tip
  • Cart to hold bottles upright
  • Flint Striker
  • High cuffed welding gloves
  • Shade 5 face shield
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • cotton or leather shirt and pants
  • leather shoes or boots
  • Various open ended wrenches


Part 1: Setting up your Oxy-Fuel rig

  1. Screw the regulators onto your bottles. (Red goes with the fuel gas and green with oxygen)
  2. Attach hoses to connect the regulator and cutting torch using the same color code.
  3. Choose an appropriate torch tip using a chart of recommendations like the one shown below.mcspecs
  4. This chart can also be used to adjust the gas pressures once you have installed the tip.
  5. To adjust the gas pressures, open the torch and bottle valves. Then, use the adjusting screw on your regulator to change the pressure.
  6. Check your entire setup by referring to the diagram below.19-02a



Part 2: Lighting the torch and adjusting your flame

  1. Open the fuel gas torch valve about half way.
  2. Light the torch by squeezing the striker about an inch away from the tip. Be sure to wear gloves!
  3. Turn up the fuel gas valve until the flame jumps slightly off the tip. It should look similar to the picture below.cutting-torch-acetylene-flame
  4. Add oxygen to the flame until it becomes “neutral.” This type of flame is achieved when the flame looks the same after depressing the torch lever and there is not an excessive hissing of gas.kenney3-1403fe
  5. Now, you are ready to cut!


Part 3: Making the Cut

  1. Lower the tip of your torch about 3/8″ above the metal you are cutting in order to preheat. (Start slightly off the edge of the metal)
  2. Wait until the metal turns cherry-red (like in the image below).img_3209_workingontheedgelowres
  3. Depress the oxygen lever all the way
  4. Angle the torch slightly into the cut
  5. Proceed to cut by moving the torch at a steady speed (not so fast that the torch stops cutting) while keeping it 3/8″ above the metalmaxresdefault
  6. You can now clean up your torch kit by shutting off the valves at the bottles and making sure to put all hot metal in a safe area for cooling

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