Blog Post Comments: Six-Weeks Review

On the Iratus Erinacius blog, I read the post titled “Masks: Not Just For Superheroes”. The author of this blog wrote about their favorite poem which describes the mask we wear; our deeper and more instinctive emotions are hidden behind a smile. She goes on to proclaim that this poem describes her nearly perfectly and also applies to most of the people she has observed.

The second blog I commented on was titled Excessively Caffeinated and I read the post about Tim O’Brien’s Interview. The post starts out by describing how O’Brien writes as if his stories were completely true; he blends fictional content with a nonfiction, autobiographical style. The distinction between the “real,” “realish,” and “fake” is hard to make, especially after reading the later chapters. However, the truth of the facts does not make a difference in the legitimacy of the message.


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