Good Reading

Here are links to a few interesting blog posts…

Safety For Botswana is a blog post and news article reacting to the increasing threat of wild animals to the citizens of Botswana. Now that trophy hunting is completely illegal, populations are increasing rapidly an many villages need protection so that elephants and lions don’t destroy their livelihood.

Happy Birthday to Me summarizes the life of Mr. Chrysler, founder of the car company, who died on August 18, 1940. He slowly worked his way up from a railroad machine shop to being the CEO of Buick and finally starting his own company. Even today, his name is one of the “Big Three” in American automobiles.

What Truly Matters” discusses a comic from Zen Pencils in which a young kid spend months working hard to save up for a Play Station 4. On his way to the store to buy it, he sees a news report on a disaster that left many people devastated and fearing for their lives. The TV report gives him a change of heart and he donates to the Red Cross instead of buying video games.


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