My Writing Life

Outside of school, my written works are few and far between, but they definitely do play an important role in my life. In general, my writing includes mostly emails and a few letters with an occasional real paper or story thrown in. The only common types of writing which I never engage in are social media posts (because I don’t have social media) and poetry (because I have never had a need or desire to). The purpose of my composition varies, but most emails and letters are either to keep in touch with far away relatives and friends or for some type of “business” purpose which can hardly count as personal writing. My real papers and stories were written for reasons as varied as releasing some rare creativity to analyzing some scientific research I preformed. But as I said before, these works are extremely few and far between.

When I am trying to write, I usually find the quietest and most desolate place possible. Even the tiniest disturbances from other people will disrupt my thought and make any composition nearly impossible. Once I’ve found a serene enough place to work, nothing else really seems to matter. I could be typing on a computer or scratching on paper and the results would be no different. When possible, I like to keep my writing to myself, especially if it is of the subjective type. I think this secrecy of my writing is caused by a lack of pride in my work, so I would eventually like to improve my writing to where I am willing to share it. At that point, my writing life would be just about complete.


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