This year in AP English III, my most valuable experience has been creating numerous argumentative timed writings. As I have improved my skill in this area, it has become much easier to collect my thoughts and form a solid argument on any subject, not just prompts for English class. The theory of using “real, specific, and applicable” examples has made quickly crafting an effective argument a much easier and smoother process because now I can effortlessly compare the ability to convince an audience of many different sources.

Although arguing a point using both outside sources and you own knowledge was a big deal on the AP test for this class, its usefulness extends far beyond that. From writing a “letter to the editor” to corresponding with politicians about serious issues, proving my point in writing could come in handy just about anywhere. Even as I move on to an English Literature class for next year which will probably be the last language class I ever need to take, the persuasions skills which I learned through timed writings this year will remain with me and remain in use.


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