I’m not the most musical person around, and I usually only listen to other peoples albums or free songs off the radio or internet, but back when I was in sixth grade, I did purchase a few tracks for myself. After perusing itunes for hours, I picked out some Charlie Daniels off of his “best of” album because his world famous hit “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” was one of my favorite songs at the time. Of course, these songs did end up being a bit of a disappointment since I expected them all to be at least as good as Charlie’s best song, but since then, I have come to appreciate them a little more and do listen to each one at least occasionally.

This choice of music, although it may not be the most popular choice for sixth graders, never made me regretful or embarrassed since everyone in my family enjoyed the music along with me. Clearly, my parents did approve of my purchase because it was music of their own era, but had never expected me to start a music collection of my own.


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