State of the Union

In President Obama’s recent state of the Union address, he made a big deal of each initiative or issue which he supported that he believed would receive bipartisan support. This is definitely a step in the right direction from many of his heavily partisan campaign speeches, but this may be entirely because he, in his own words, doesn’t “have another campaign to run”. But no matter how you look at it, bipartisan support for many of these measures would be a great service to our government by helping prevent gridlock and instituting some meaningful reform which is supported around the nation. Even George Washington, who warned against political parties in his farewell address, would have been proud to hear of these cooperative measures.

Of all the issues which our president discussed, most seemed to be either economic or something to deal with foreign relations. I personally do not know enough about international politics to have much of an opinion on his foreign policy, but was interested in his economic ideas. Most of them seemed to be policies designed to promote the growth of middle class and to help families or individuals through hard times. Each would do good for specific groups of Americans, but, like any legislation passed, could unintentionally leave others out of the equation. For example, Obama talked about hiring veterans since they have sacrificed to serve our country and gained valuable experience in the armed forces. This can be a great idea for many companies who need disciplined employees to fill vacant positions. On the other hand, there are many other prospects for the company to choose from who have not been in military service but could likely be better qualified for that position. Clearly, these economic ideas can help many citizens but may have some unintended consequences for others.


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