Now that the end of my first semester in AP English III is drawing to a close, there are a few questions which I am going to reflect on.

1. Which parts of AP English III did you tackle successfully in the first semester? What did you do that facilitated your success?

This first semester,  I have done better than ever on timed writings. I don’t know if averaging a six or seven is technically considered “successful,” but I am much more confident with timed writings than when I first entered the classroom. For example, now I can usually finish the essay with several minutes to spare and have never repeated the less than adequate performance which I had on my first timed writing. Doing things like reading anchor papers in class and discussing the content requirements of our papers has helped me to have a much clearer idea of what needs to be accomplished and consequently led to better timed writings.

2. Which parts of AP English III left you feeling only partially successful? Why did you struggle? What will you do in the second semester to improve in these areas? So far, there have been only two main areas of English III which I feel unsuccessful in- The Scarlet Letter ID test and our blog posts. On the ID test, I struggled for the unnecessary reason that I had not finished reading the novel because it tired me out. This problem should be easily fixed in the second semester if I simply persevere through my reading even when I don’t enjoy it. On my blog posts, I had trouble for two different reasons. First of all, I just have trouble writing for open ended prompts (creative writing was never my thing) and usually cannot think of many smart things to say on my blog. Also, I often put off writing my post until Friday night which led me to forget my post on multiple occasions. To help with this, I will try to do all of my blogging on Thursday nights so that forgetting will be less prevalent.


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