In Huckleberry Finn, a classic novel written by Mark Twain, Huck faces one of his biggest decisions of his life when wondering whether he should report his friend Jim as a runaway slave. Finally, his conscience wins out and Huck decides not to tell anybody, rejecting the common view that this was one of the most evil things he could do. In the world today, there are plenty of other things which might not be right yet everybody still accepts them. When it comes to using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of those other social media type of services, I feel like Huck and want to stray away from society’s beliefs. Although there are certainly people staunchly opposed to social media, our society in general accepts them as another great way of being social and interacting with people. I just don’t see how talking to your “friends” through selfies and 1 or 2 sentence post can be considered social interaction.

It might just be that I have fallen behind and don’t have an account with Twitter or Instagram or any of the others, but they seem to be most useful for either superficial commenting or the sharing of objective information (Smarter than you think?). When it comes to making friends and talking with them, hanging out with other people in person seems like a much better option. This way, social interactions become a little more personal and it is far easier to really get to know people. -But that’s just what I believe, and what are my opinions compared to the world?


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