Just Can’t Beat Me!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about some of the things I’m not proud of- everything that made me look bad. Now, it’s time for a little comeback, so here is the opposite- a post over everything I do well!

For starters, many people know me as a really smart kid. Even without studying long hours and obsessing over every detail of my school assignments, I am often able to do as well as any other student at A&M Consolidated. Especially in my math and science courses, I’m usually somebody who can explain difficult topics when most of the students cannot wrap their minds around the subject. Even in shop class, the mechanical workings of engines, hydraulics, and most tools are easy for me to picture, understand, and work with. This nearly exceptional brain power has always served me well and seems to be propelling me forward into a college education at an alarming rate.

On top of that, I also happen to be able to work with my hands equally well. In fact, in many of the schools “AP” classes, I feel as if I am the only one who knows how to arc weld, frame out a building, and do basic vehicle repairs. Although there is still lots to learn about construction, fabrication and maintenance, I am proud to know at least the very basics of each and to constantly be improving my skill in these areas. I probably won’t have a career where I work with my hands, but there is no question about the financial advantages which doing my own construction and repair can bring.


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