Terrible Me

According to Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of the Scarlet Letter, acknowledging our flaws and shortcomings can save us from the horrible experience of lifelong guilt, so I’m going to try out his theory.

To most people who know me, I am a calm and sometimes even intellectual person. In general, I think before acting and try to do what is best for others, but after a while, this becomes too hard for me. When acting in such a polite and accepted way gets too much for me to bear, you could say that I need a little “Time Off For Bad Behavior” just like Hank Jr. does. At these times, I try not to be around many people because my language gets rougher and I often end up letting out my anger on others instead of staying calm like normal. These certainly aren’t my best days, but they exist and must be acknowledged.

Another trait of my character which I’m not proud of, although totally different from the previous example, is my constant pride and sometimes know-it-all attitude. Even though I generally do well in school and have basic knowledge of many real world skills, any pride in this is unwarranted. Never have I done anything better than everyone else, so there is no reason to act like I, of all people, know what I’m talking about. Hopefully, there will be one day where I will be the best at something, but, until then, humility is all I need.


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